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Andrew Griffis Oh Mandi….Speech Speech Speech, Dial with your Eyes Shut State was a princely state within the USA as its capital. The state of Mandi, which included two towns and villages, was part of the States of the Mandi . It was located in the Mandi, bordering to the west, north, and east on the USA; to the south, on Suket; and to the southwest, on Mandi.

Finally after 24 awards and product of the year the last 4 years by Technology Marketing Corporation’s Communications Solutions Magazine, plus 63 Million in research and development “Mandi” Your Personal Virtual Assistant by Speechphone with partners of Lucent Technologies, and developers of XO Communications and Bell Labs is now finally available.

Add speech to your phone? and the rest is available simply for the asking.

Hands free dialing is now mandatory in many states. No need to lug around a computer to send and receive email. Screens every call live so you will be reached but never bothered and you only need to have one phone number so the same message is not left multiple times at each number!

Come see a demo of this “SpeechPhone” product as it works with ALL phones, home, office, cell and even pay phones. You can have a regular number or a toll-free number. The future is here for the discovery.

Late in traffic, just say Mandi,
“Call Bill Westmoreland” at home, on his cell, business, vacation home or other designated location like his Beach Home in Florida.

At a business meeting and need a phone number to give to a friend, ask Mandi,

“Get the phone number for Patrick Tabler”.

Check for messages at several different cities in one day. Mandi, “Get new messages” or “Saved” or even previously “Deleted messages”. “Forward message” to your partner if you are in meetings all day for immediate response and hear the tone of the callers message! Mandi, “Call Back” and she dials the number immediately, many times even if blocked! No need to look up the number, she already has it.

Email? Yes, with Mandi, “Get new email messages” or “Saved”.

Want to send an email to a group of people? Mandi, “Send email” to Potential Customers say your message and instantly the email is sent to up to 2500 contacts!

Just had an idea, Mandi, “Take a voice memo”

If you do not answer Mandi says would you like voice mail or to locate. Mandi will then try all 4 numbers one at time and tell you who is calling without letting the caller know if you got the message.

No speech training, holds up to 2500 contacts with 5 phone numbers for each contact, fax number, address and email, screens all your calls live, answers hundreds of calls at the same time on the first ring! 

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Your phone dies or you lose it, just call in from any phone, confirm password and tell Mandi, “Change my virtual extension” and your back in business. No need for an expensive phone it only has to dial Mandi.

Mandi is available from $9.95 a month to $50 per month with a promotional plan the “Unlimited Speech Plan including all LONG DISTANCE for just $35 a month. Cell phone minutes used up, use your home, business phone or a pay phone to make long distant calls for nothing on this plan.

If you see the benefits of this product and want to be involved at the beginning in the selling of it for passive or instant income, please see us at the meeting or contact me by private mail to meet in Irvine for a presentation at our corporate office.



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